Youth Cowboy Shooting

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Young Guns and Buckaroos Runnin’ Out Our Ears!!!

What a B-L-A-S-T!!!


Young Guns and Buckaroos (girls & guys) at the loading table waiting in line to play cowboy!


 On May 10, 2008 at Brocks Gap’s Annual Picnic and Open House, out on the cowboy range, Old York Shootists hosted a Young Guns’ and Buckaroos’ Cowboy Action Shooting Class.  

At the request of the coach of the Youth Program at Brocks Gap, we arranged a training class for a bunch of girls and boys (ages 8-17) who were interested in trying out Cowboy Action Shooting.  These guys and gals usually go for such shooting disciplines as BB guns, air rifles (sporter and precision), 3 position .22, and air pistol. They frequent such places as Camp Perry, the National Junior Olympics, State Games, BB Nationals, and Camp Butner.  They are a busy bunch practicing twice a week under the direction of Coach Sam Richardson.  Our cowboy hats go off to the efforts of Coach Richardson, his wife Angie, and all their assistants (their own Young Guns) for heading up the Youth Shooting Team at Brocks Gap.

 Now, when Coach Richardson asked, we jumped at the chance to corral those Buckaroos and Young Guns into playing cowboy with us.  By having the training class on the day of Brocks Gap’s Open House and Picnic, what started out as 10 confirmed/signed up kids (complete with their own made-up aliases), turned out to be 20 Buckaroos/Young Guns with about 6 never having shot a firearm before. Now, I ask you, did we turn one little enthusiastic buckaroo/young gun away.  Heck NO!!!



  Pictured above close up are: Fast Gun (Marty Green) and Four-Eyed Jack (Josiah Wooten)


For the day, those young rascals traded in their BB guns and air rifles for single action pistols and lever action rifles in .22, .38, and .45 calibers and yep, a 12ga shotgun.  With the provision of ammo, cowboy guns, and patient expertise from Fastgun (Marty Green), Rum Crook (Ken Maughan), Faulk (Tim Raddin), Hammerstone (Sam Moore), and myself (Di Florence), we worked all 20 Young Guns through.

 Here is a list of most of the Young Guns and Buckaroos (with a few parents’ names mixed in) that participated in the Cowboy Action Shooting Class…Cody Helms (Wild Bill Cody), Samantha Ellis (Showdown Sam), Michael Richardson (Bo Duke), Jill Lee (Daisy Duke), Josiah Wooten (Four-Eyed Jack),Conner Harbin (Ruger Rider), Jordan Grimm (Eagle Eye Red) & 2 friends, Sammy Richardson (Shotgun Sammy), Savanna Lee (Sure Shot Savannah), Nicholas, Felipe, Mat, Manuel, Sandra Zarate, Johnny Richardson, Daniel Kenders, and Jeff & Stan Bajinski & friend.  AND, we did sneak in a few adults too, NRA Instructor, Roy Smith being one of them and Mario Aguirre’s wife, Damaris.  

We enjoyed putting on the class and will continue to offer a class periodically depending on participation. If you or someone you know is interested in learning Cowboy Action Shooting, give us a holler at and we will set up a training class for individuals or groups. For our Old York Shootists’ August Match, we plan to have an “All Young Guns/Buckaroo Posse.”

 Gonna mosey for now till I hear the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

  DeadlyDangerousDerangedDerringerDi (Di Florence) 



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